LAW               GRACE  
  1.  Elementary and Preparatory.   1.  More advanced and fulfilled.
  2.  Promised Life but could not give.   2.  Gives Life.
  3.  Bondage.   3.  Freedom or Liberty.
  4.  By works.   4.  By Grace.
  5.  Blessing by keeping the law.   5.  Blessed without the law.
  6.  The Law was breakable.   6.  New Covenant is everlasting.
  7.  Was in manís keeping.   7.  Is in Godís keeping.
  8.  Old Covenant was in obedience to the law.   8.  Not obedience - but by faith. 
      (obedience is a byproduct of faith)
  9.  Demanded Righteousness.   9.  Gives Righteousness.
10.  Servants, slaves. 10.  Sons & Daughters.
11.  Condemnation. 11.  Peace.

Greek word DIATHEKE (covenant) gives one meaning as ďan unequal covenant;Ē God assumes the responsibility to keep both sides of the covenant.
(A covenant where One does all the giving and the other does all the taking.)

    God provided:
            Remedy for sin  ===========>  Righteousness.
            Remedy for Death  =========> Life.
            Remedy for sickness  =======>  Health.
            Remedy for poverty  ========> Prosperity.
            Power over ALL the enemy.

Substitution & Identification
                  His Substitution  
  Our Identification  
  A.  Jesus died...   to make us alive
  B.  He was made sin with our sinfulness...   to make us righteous with His Righteousness.
  C. He became weak...   to make us strong.
  D. He suffered shame...   to give us glory.
  E. He went to hell...   to take us to heaven.
  F. He was condemned...   in order to justify us and set us free.
  G. He was made sick with our sickness...   in order that we be healed and live in divine health.
  H. He was cast out of the presence of God...   in order to make us welcome there.

John 10:10... To identify with Adam is to identify with destruction and death. To identify with Jesus is to identify with Life.